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Online Marketing for Hotels

Work with us. They’ll stay with you.

Social mediaSOCIAL MEDIA

You want your guests to feel like they have to share their experience on social media. A strong online presence is now as important to a hotel as having running water. We help you generate new leads and develop guest loyalty through digital marketing.

Website design & Content curationWEBSITE DESIGN / CONTENT CURATION

In order for a hotel to drive more direct bookings, you need a website that attracts customers. Our website design team works side-by-side with our content curation team to create an effective, authentic message. We guarantee every client a unique design and marketing plan to fit your brand’s voice, your business goals, and your target customers.

online reputation managementONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT

Your online reputation strongly correlates to the success of your business. With our help, your hotel and your brand will be interactive and engaging across multimedia platforms. Your guests will be excited to stay with you and excited to sing your praises.


Keeping up with the latest page ranking factors can be exhausting, which is why we take that stress off your shoulders. Our SEO and SEM strategies incorporates the most up-to-date google and search engine trends to remain ranked at the top of all searches.

marketing brandingBRANDING

Your online brand should be a direct reflection your hotel’s story. Your digital marketing should be representative and honest and fun. We want to help you tell that story. We’ll keep your returning guests’ attention, and we’ll captivate new visitors.


Email marketing needs to be creative and useful. We ensure that our clients are sending out emails that turn into results through research and diligent data analysis.


Our design team takes creating content personally. They never settle and always strive to deliver exciting and distinct graphic designs that keep your guests and followers interested.


Whether it’s a must-read brochure or an illustrative property map, our print design team works with you to create a product that people need to take home. We work carefully on even the smallest details to bring together a cohesive picture of your property, your story, and your business.

pms gds managementPMS / GDS MANAGEMENT

Dealing with PMS and GDS operating systems can be confusing and frustrating. With our team of experts loading rates and constantly updating specials, all you have to do is check the guests in.

drone videographyDRONE VIDEOGRAPHY

Guests can have a difficult time visualizing themselves staying at a hotel. With our professional drone videographer, we put together stunning aerial footage of your property that highlights why guests should stay there.

Add a Personal Touch to

Your Reviews

Our writing team promises customer satisfaction

and brand protection for every response!

Build Your Brand, Increase Revenue

Hotel Expertise

Hotel Expertise

We’ve worked with a vast variety of hotels, with experience across the hospitality digital marketing spectrum.

Internet Marketing

Our innovative and inclusive marketing strategies remove the smoke and mirrors typical in too many media companies.

10+ Years Experience

Our young and driven team has the passion for new technology and up-to-date marketing solutions — with the industry experience to bring your story to life.

Proven ROI

Success and results will be your reward for trusting our integrated approach to hotel marketing.


Let’s take back control of your brand. We want to be an advocate for properties like yours in navigating the world of online marketing.


We’ll alleviate the stress of marketing and strategy so you can focus on your business. We aim to provide optimal value to our clients.

Online Marketing for Hotels

Running a hotel is hard enough, but managing it online too can start to feel impossible. At Resort Marketing Guru, we take care of all the PMS and GDS management, reviews, and social media, allowing you to focus on the immediate customer experience. Understanding a variety of softwares just to load your room rates is a burden best left to experts.

Our dedicated team of software and coding professionals can handle all of that back-end work for you.

With the GDS and PMS systems constantly updating, we diligently comb the internet to keep up with the latest technological, social, and digital engagement trends. We’re going to make sure you’re not over-paying or losing money on excessive commission fees.

We Are Resort Marketing Guru

Are you tired of companies over promising and never delivering? Work with us to achieve real results.